Inhale the perfect vibe discreetly with our fast acting Metered-Dose-Inhaler.
Unlike vaporizers, the N-Hale does not use heated coils and combustion. Simple pressure turns THC liquid into aerosolized droplets for you to inhale. Let those magic little droplets create your custom experience. Each breath is a consistent dose of pure THC distillate and has a super fast onset.

No smoke. No heat. No odor. No repacking. Just simple, innovative inhalation.

  • Pure THC distillate
  • 250mg per inhaler
  • Approximately 7mg per inhalation
  • Fast onset

N-Joy life. Brilliantly.

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Treat your mouth and your mind to our Sour Gummies in 7 fruit flavors.
These little treasures are bursting with fruity flavor and always consistently dosed. You won’t find a tastier gummy or a better price point. Look for our deliciously affordable gummies at your favorite dispensary and always check our Insta to find out about smokin’ deals.

  • Pure distillate THC
  • 10mg THC per candy
  • Sour fruit flavors: strawberry, blueberry, green apple, peach, pineapple, watermelon and grape
  • Single gummy packs in watermelon and blueberry

N-joy life. Affordably.

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