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Breathe Easy. Breathe Happy.

Cannabis Infused Inhaler

At your all-company after-work happy hour, on a Saturday morning after a rippin’ gym sesh, or even at your nana’s house for a quiet Easter dinner. No matter where you want it, the Cannabis Infused Inhaler makes it easy to imbibe in your vibe.

The Cannabis Infused Inhaler uses a medical-grade metered dose inhaler to deliver a precise, discreet, and fast-acting dose of THC. Unlike smoking or vaporizers, which use combustion and heated coils to burn flowers, oils, and distillates, the inhaler uses simple pressure to turn pure, premium liquid THC into an aerosolized mist, which you can easily inhale. All funk, no junk.

And because each dose is exactly like the one that came before—and lasts exactly as long as you’d expect—it’s easy to fine-tune your ideal experience.

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  • Metered dose inhaler is easy to Njoy discreetly anywhere
  • Pure THC distillate; absolutely no smoke, no heat, no odor
  • 250mg of THC per metered dose inhaler
  • Each puff delivers a consistent 5mg metered dose
  • Aerosolized mist is fast-acting and consistent in duration
  • When you’re ready to Njoy, remove the cap from your metered dose inhaler.
  • Hold your inhaler upright and shake for 5 seconds to redistribute contents before use.
  • Place the mouth of the inhaler between your teeth (and above your tongue) and close your lips gently around it. (And like your mom said, no biting.)
  • While inhaling slowly, press down once on the inhaler canister and breathe easy. Everything’s going to be alright.
  • Remove the inhaler from your mouth and hold your breath. Something great is about to happen!
  • Exhale. (You might’ve guessed this one was coming.)
  • Replace cap.
  • Njoy