Cannabis Infused Inhaler

At N-Fuzed, we are advancing the science of inhalation. Heat-based inhale-exhale systems are harsh on the upper and lower respiratory system. Our THC inhaler uses pressure to turn pure distillate into a light mist. Enhance your experience with this discreet and super fast-acting new product. Each inhaler has 250mg of pure THC and an always consistent 5mg dose per puff.

THC Gummies

Deliciously sweet 10mg pure THC gummy candies. Always consistently dosed and bursting with juicy fruit flavor with the right amount of sour, these will get your mouth watering. Enjoy strawberry, peach, pineapple, blueberry, grape, green apple and watermelon flavors in our mixed pack or grab our favorites – blueberry and watermelon, in the ultra-affordable single-serve bag.

Weed 101

N-Joy life. Responsibly.
Learn the basics of using infused THC products safely. Read more on our Learning page.


What’s legal and what’s not?! This month we look at Colorado law. Next month we’ll shine the spotlight on California. Read this month’s High-light.

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The Evolution of Inhaling. Smoking, vaping, inhaling…dive into the details on the differences between these three methods of inhaling cannabis.

At N-Fuzed, our top priority is providing the innovative, discreet, and dependable products that improve the lives of customers.  The stresses and demands of a busy, modern lifestyle leave people longing for escape, and N-Fuzed products provide the ultimate means of relaxing and unwinding.  We’re pleased to offer cannabis gummies in a range of delectable flavors for your dispensary, as well as distillate inhaler products.

When you’re looking for consistent, safe, and reliable products at competitive prices, N-Fuzed delivers.  We constantly strive to create new and innovative products that provide for both fun and relaxation in an otherwise hectic world.  Modern adults work hard and they deserve stress-free downtime.  At N-Fuzed, we’re dedicated to designing the quality products that contribute to a happier, healthier lifestyle and we’re proud to partner with dispensaries to bring our unique and desirable THC edibles and inhalers to consumers.

Innovative Products

At N-Fuzed, we understand that cannabis can still be a taboo subject.  Even though laws and attitudes toward marijuana use are changing, not everyone wants to advertise usage.

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This is why we’ve engineered discreet products designed to allow every customer to maintain the privacy of usage if they so choose.  N-Hale, our THC inhaler, pairs consistent quality with a discrete design that will not alert anyone to the fact that you’re puffing to unwind.

Many people these days prefer cannabis edibles, in which case our THC gummies are sure to please.  The N-Fuzed variety pack features an array of popular flavors sure to tantalize the discerning palate, including blueberry, green apple, grape, peach, pineapple, strawberry, and watermelon.  Those looking for a little more zing will enjoy individual packs of sour blueberry or watermelon.

Every cannabis inhaler and edible we produce is meant to deliver consistent results that provide customers with the pleasurable and relaxing experience they expect and deserve.  When you purchase N-Fuzed products for your dispensary, you’ll get the quality distillate gummies and inhalers consumers will ask for by name.

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Competitive Pricing

At N-Fuzed, we know it’s not enough to make superior products that customers love – we also have to be conscious of producing quality distillate edibles and inhalers at a cost-effective price point.  Our innovative designs and processes allow us to offer incredible value at competitive pricing for the satisfaction of dispensary partners and customers alike.

People Who Care

We started out with the noble goal of creating products that would dramatically improve the lives of busy modern adults suffering from high stress and anxiety.  We wanted to deliver a fun, relaxing escape from the rigors of daily life.

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Our dedicated team of professionals took this mission to the next level by creating innovative, discrete products that literally anyone can enjoy when they want to unwind after a long day.  We take pride in delivering quality THC products that offer a consistently pleasurable experience at a competitive price, not to mention the opportunity to keep usage private, if desired.

N-Fuzed is a life-enhancing experience, one that offers a release from stress and the opportunity to enjoy every day.  We’re proud of our products and the many ways they improve our customer’s lives.

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