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Shop cannabis gummies and cannabis infused inhalers at NFuzed.

At NFuzed we have a singular mission: providing innovative, discreet, and dependable products to improve our customers’ quality of life. NFuzed offers customers fun new ways to enjoy their little escape, from wholesale cannabis gummies to alternatives to smoking and vaping. Get ready to start breathing easier and Njoying more.

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Cannabis Infused Inhaler

Compact, discreet, and delivering a consistent 5mg dose of pure THC with every puff, our cannabis inhaler gives enthusiasts a brand new way to kick back and relax, even when they’re on the go. Mellower on the lungs than smoking or vaping, and requiring no battery or cleanup, this might be the simplest and safest way to enjoy cannabis yet!

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THC Gummies

Deliciously sweet, just a little sour, and jam-packed with 10mg of THC or our 1:1 with 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD in every bite, our wholesale cannabis gummies are a whole vacation stuffed into one little bite-sized candy infused with pure liquid cannabis. No need to worry about weird odors or flavors here, these little guys are as delicious as they are potent.

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The NFuzed Experience

NFuzed is focused on customers and their happiness. It’s why we work hard every day to bring users new and easier ways to relax and enjoy life with cannabis. NFuzed ensures measured, consistent quality in all of our wholesale cannabis gummies and THC inhalers, meaning you’ll be getting the same pleasant dose every time you shop with us.


Innovative Products


At NFuzed, we understand that cannabis can still be a taboo subject. Even though laws and attitudes toward marijuana use are changing, not everyone wants to advertise usage.
This is why we’ve engineered discreet products designed to allow everyone to maintain the privacy of usage if they so choose.


Competitive Pricing


At NFuzed, we only source the highest quality distillate and ingredients at cost-effective price points and pass the savings to the consumers.


People Who Care


We started out with the noble goal of creating products that would dramatically improve the lives of busy modern adults suffering from high stress and anxiety.

We wanted to deliver a fun, relaxing escape from the rigors of daily life.

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