Why Infused Inhalers for Weed Are Even Better Than Vaping Extracts

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While comparatively new to the cannabis scene, using an inhaler for weed has quickly become known as a superior way to dose THC. These days, the benefits can’t be overstated. As THC vape-related health problems and even deaths become increasingly common, more and more users are seeking better alternatives. Here’s why THC-infused inhalers are quickly turning smokers and vapers into, well, inhalers:

1. Black Market Vape Products Are Risky

Black market vape products are all over the news. As of October 2019, the CDC has reported close to 1,500 lung injuries and over 30 deaths related to black market THC cartridges. With those types of figures, it’s not surprising that many former vapers are embracing the inhaler for weed.

While research into the exact causes is still ongoing, vitamin E acetate (a diluting agent) seems to be one of the culprits, although it’s certainly not the only sketchy additive found in black market carts. This isn’t happening with other cannabis products—just extract cartridges.

Now, an obvious solution would be to simply avoid black market carts, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Not everyone follows the rules. For example, a legal, state-licensed company was recently caught producing illegal cartridges with untested oils that contained pesticides.

In addition to these disturbing findings regarding contaminated cartridges, a recent study has revealed that cheap hardware may also be to blame in vape-related illnesses. Lab results from the study point to the highly toxic effects of cadmium fumes, which are produced when the soldering materials used in some cheap vape pens is exposed to heat. Exposure to these toxins is associated with lung damage that resembles chemical burns.

Of course, there are legit THC operations out there, but for many former vapers, the risk just isn’t worth it, especially when there are plenty of other options available—from an inhaler for weed to THC gummies to classic bud when you feel like going old school.

2. Vapes Are a Pain to Maintain

Nobody wants to be charging up all the time, but vaporizers demand battery power. That means you have to carry a charger or spare battery around if you’re going out for the day, which is never ideal. You also have to replace them when they wear out. Batteries produce heat, which means combustion is a risk. They also have electronic components that are prone to breaking.

Besides the vape batteries, the actual cartridges can be a hassle as well. The e-juice gets caked and dry, requiring the user to pre-heat the tank or warm it with a lighter. Sometimes the vape may hit dry, while other times it may deliver too large of a dose. Some cartridges fit the battery, others don’t. In comparison, THC inhalers deliver a consistent, metered dose with every puff. There are no complicated components or electrical parts. No batteries and no heat means you can leave behind small worries about dead batteries as well as larger concerns about toxic fume inhalation. An inhaler for weed is straightforward and clean. No hassle, no fuss.

3. Vaping Isn’t As Discreet

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The public has made it pretty clear that they don’t want nicotine or THC vapor in their general vicinity. While it’s obviously not as intrusive as cigarette or weed smoke, it’s still a fog with an aroma. Alternatively, an inhaler for weed lets you catch a buzz without leaving a trace. If you value your privacy, a THC-infused inhaler is the obvious choice.

4. You Can’t Dose Accurately

Ever hit a buddy’s vape only to find yourself drooling an hour later? Or worse, feeling nothing at all? Sure, you could take a tiny hit, wait, take another, and repeat. But why? With an inhaler, you know exactly what your dose is. You can pinpoint exactly how high you want to be. Anyone with any experience vaping THC concentrates knows they’re hit-or-miss.

Besides the accuracy, vaping extracts takes time to kick in, and who has time for that? Because an inhaler for weed doesn’t heat up, the THC enters your blood faster giving you a buzz that’s virtually instantaneous. Welcome to the future.

5. Making DIY Extracts Is a Difficult Process

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Knowing that THC cartridges are super risky, you might think that making your own THC extract would be a simple solution. While it is technically a solution, it’s far from simple. If you don’t have chemistry experience and the proper equipment, this process can be dangerous and produce unsafe, inconsistent results. On the other hand, using an inhaler for weed is as easy as breathing.

Making vapeable THC solutions takes a significant amount of time, effort, and knowhow, and you’re going to need to invest money into the right gear and ingredients. And, even if you’re careful, there’s still a significant risk of contamination if you don’t have a sterile lab.

Find an N-Fuzed Inhaler Near You

If you’re ready to swap health and safety risks for a clean, convenient buzz, find a dispensary that carries N-Fuzed products now. If you have questions, check our FAQ section or contact us for help. Try the clean, pure option today, and see why so many vapers are making the switch.