What Makes Us "Us"?

NFuzed Cannabis Edibles

It’s not difficult to find innovative cannabis products these days, but not all products, or companies, are created equally. One thing 2020 is teaching us is how important it is to shop local. NFuzed combines high-quality, innovative cannabis products with local appeal and service. You can’t build lasting, trusting relationships with those other companies if you can’t see them face-to-face. How can they ever really get to know their customers?

NFuzed is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs in Boulder, Colorado. We couldn’t seem to figure out why cannabis edibles were so expensive or why some edibles didn’t have consistent dosing. So, we set out to create affordable, measured, safe, and fun cannabis edibles and other cannabis-infused products for medicinal and recreational users. 


NFuzed Edibles

If you set out on a search for cannabis-infused gummies, THC chocolates, or CBD edibles, you’ll quickly notice there are thousands of products available. NFuzed knows how tough it can be to narrow down all those choices. That’s why we simplify the process, streamlining our design, manufacturing, and creation methods to help you enjoy the best cannabis edibles available. 

We use the highest-quality ingredients to manufacture a wide variety of CBD-infused and cannabis-infused gummies and other products. Our one-of-a-kind sweet-and-sour cannabis gummies come in dozens of flavors, including all the popular fruit varieties, like watermelon, strawberry, peach, blueberry, green apple, grape, and pineapple. Our THC and CBD products are each evenly dosed, so you always know what you’re getting. 

We know people may be looking for different methods of consuming cannabis aside from smoking. Inhaling that smoke isn’t good for you, but we have the solution. You can find our NFuzed cannabis-infused inhalers in California. These devices come packed with 250 milligrams of pure THC, separated into 5 milligram-per-puff doses for a fast, quality experience. Our NFuzed patented cannabis inhaler helps you regulate your intake while enjoying the highest-quality cannabis discreetly. 


How NFuzed Edibles Are Different

Buying cannabis edibles and other cannabis products is often a gamble, especially if you’re a new user. With some companies, it’s hard to be sure you’re getting effective, potent, or high-quality cannabis products. However, with NFuzed products, there’s no gamble. We create unique, high-quality cannabis-infused and CBD-infused products, so you know what you’re getting every time. 

Our unparalleled, state-of-the-art operations and processes are helping us change the cannabis market in Colorado and California. Using a fully automated production line, we remove the human error factor, which means our products are always consistent and perfectly dosed. 


Better Cannabis Edibles Doesn’t Mean a Bigger Price Tag

At NFuzed, we don’t skimp on quality. We pride ourselves on using the best products, ingredients, and equipment to make our unique cannabis edibles. You may think higher quality means higher prices, but that’s not the case. Our cannabis-infused edibles and CBD edibles are affordable at every price point. 


Closing Thoughts

From THC-infused edibles to CBD gummies to state-of-the-art inhalers, NFuzed offers you something different and better than the competition. We know the industry, the products, and the importance of providing high-quality customer service.