What are the Best Ways to Consume Cannabis?

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Since everyone is different, what’s best for one person isn’t always what’s best for everyone. In terms of marijuana intake, the best could mean what acts the fastest, what’s the most discreet, or even what gets you the most high. To help you find the right method for your goals and preferences, NFuzed has created a guide to some of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. Explore our breakdown of inhalants, ingestants, and other methods to discover what’s best for your needs.

Inhalants (Things You Breathe)

Inhaling marijuana is the oldest and most common method of cannabis consumption. Because the THC elements pass through your lungs, they reach your bloodstream incredibly quickly. It can take under five minutes for you to feel the effects of the marijuana. Here are a few inhalation-based ways to consume cannabis.

Joints & Blunts

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As one of the most well-known methods of cannabis delivery, joints and blunts appear in a number of mainstream stoner classics including Dazed & Confused, Pineapple Express, The Big Lebowski, and many more. This rolled up weed cigarette is often combined with hash or tobacco for different types of highs.

Blunts are very similar to joints, but they’re rolled with cigar paper instead of rolling paper. They’re thicker and can hold more marijuana than a joint, so you can get more THC with each hit.


A vape is an electronic cigarette with a battery powered vaporizer that uses heat to allow the user to inhale marijuana extract or concentrate. This particular method is not exclusively for marijuana consumption, and many stores sell tobacco or flavored liquids that you can inhale singly or combine with your THC. A major benefit of using a vape is that the cartridges use oils instead of dried herb, so you can get more than 80% THC as opposed to only 25% with flowers.

Bowls, Pipes, & Bongs

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Smoking your marijuana through a pipe or bowl delivers a high just as quickly as other inhalation-based methods, but you don’t have to mess with fussy vape cartridges or delicate rolling papers. Just mash your herb into the right spot, light up, and go. Using this method of consumption usually entails a stronger burn and flavor because there is no paper, distillate, or vaporizer to smooth out the flavor.


Dabbing is one of the most powerful ways to consume cannabis extract. Solidified oil is put into a rig similar to a bong bowl and then lit up with a blowtorch. Because of the high heat, the cannabis is flash-vaporized and the resulting smoke is free from foreign plant material. Of the different ways to consume cannabis, it provides the quickest and most intense high.


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With a marijuana inhaler, you skip over the decarboxylation (burning) of the flower and utilize pressurization to aerosolize the THC distillate. You get the same quick reaction time without the side effects of carcinogens or the dank smell that comes along with some other inhalation-based methods. Inhalers are also a better way to control dosage, as each puff has exactly the same amount.

Ingestants (Things You Eat)

If you prefer not to introduce smoking into your daily routine, there are many other options for you. Distillate edibles are a popular alternative to inhalation, and it’s possible to infuse THC into nearly any type of food. You can also enjoy tinctures, sprays, and even capsules as different ways to consume cannabis. With ingestants, cannabis takes longer to affect you, but the effects are generally much stronger.


N-Fuzed brand gummy edibles

From brownies to gummy bears, you can find a THC infused version of all of your favorite treats. Most of the time, a distilled THC oil is mixed into the regular version of your favorite recipes to create a distillate edible. You can find foods with as little as 5 mg per treat and up to 20 mg per treat.


In a capsule form, this method of consumption offers a controlled dosage form that can be taken discreetly. Incredibly potent, the capsules should be consumed with care as the extract used in these is ultra concentrated.


One way to consume cannabis is a liquid solution taken with a dropper or a spray. Tinctures offer you a slightly quicker way to feel the effects of THC than most distillate edibles. They typically dissolve on the tongue and kick in within 15 minutes. They’re the happy medium between a five minute inhaler and a one hour candy edible.


THC infused beer

Many creative cannabis companies have come up with a way to brew weed tea, beer, soda, and even coffee. Drinking your weed isn’t as popular as eating a distillate edible, as the flavor of the marijuana still tends to come through pretty strongly.

Notes on Ingestants

If ingestion is your preferred way to consume cannabis, you will generally feel the effects after at least 30 minutes. Some distillate edibles can take up to two hours to fully kick in. These options also tend to last up to six hours or longer — depending on the dosage and your tolerance.


Not everyone is using cannabis to feel the high. Some people just want a little muscular pain relief. Creams and patches offer an alternative to consuming cannabis that is perfect for these purposes.


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Most topicals are lotions or creams that are meant to provide relief from soreness, muscle pain, and inflammation. They’re applied to the target area, directly on the skin, and don’t create the psychoactive high that other types of consumption cause.


Like cigarette patches, weed patches deliver a small dose of cannabis through an adhesive bandage. These products can contain THC, CBD, or a combination of both. Putting them on an area that has veins closer to the surface of your skin works best (wrist, inner elbow, ankle).

So What’s Best for You?

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Now that you know a bit more about the different ways to consume cannabis, you can make an informed decision on what best meets your needs. For assistance finding the products you want at a dispensary near you, search our map!