Toxic Metals Found in Vaporizer Cartridges

Toxic Metals Found in Vaporizer Cartridges
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Information and questions about safety of all the new cannabis products is swarming. There are so many types of delivery methods of cannabis now, from edibles to oils and vaporizers to inhalers. We all want to benefit from the new legality of THC and CBD offerings but we also want to know that these new items are safe. This is an area where responsible regulation and testing comes in handy.

Enhanced testing protocols in California have recently identified many vaporizer cartridges or “vape carts” containing lead. As reported by Leafly writer David Downs, these particular cartridges are coming from China and are called “CCELLS”. Although only about 0.5% of the cartridges are failing, there are many more coming in just under the legal limit.


Vaporizers to inhalers
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This could be important information if it leads to changes. These vape carts were not being tested to this level of scrutiny prior to January 1, 2019. As Down’s article points out, many of the labs are getting different values depending on the exact testing procedures that they use. These results will likely lead to more consistent and hopefully more standardized testing.

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