The THC Infused Inhaler Deconstructed

man with a marijuana infused inhaler

Our THC infused inhaler is very different from traditional vaporizers. While it does contain a vaporizer component, this feature creates aerosolized droplets that are delivered through pressure, not heat. You receive a premeasured dose of THC mist that’s much more discreet and easy on the lungs than vaporizers that use heating coils and e-liquids. It’s like an asthma inhaler, only loaded up with THC magic.

Want to know how our THC inhaler works? Here’s a quick look at the four major components:

1. The Canister

The canister is simply the piece in our THC infused inhaler that holds the good stuff: our THC distillate. The canister holds 250mg of top-quality THC distillate, and each puff delivers about 5mg. Unlike traditional vapes, you know exactly how much you’re getting so you have absolute control over your buzz. Low tolerance? One hit should do the trick. Experienced toker? Go ahead and take another puff or two. Never worry about dosing too much at once again.

2. The Vaporizer

Again, our vaporizer creates a mist, not steam or smoke. The vaporizer is what pressurizes (not heats) the THC distillate so that it sprays with enough force to inhale. If you’re worried about vaping e-juices, our inhalers are the perfect alternative. Add a THC infused inhaler to your arsenal and say goodbye to scary health risks from black market carts and cheap vape hardware.

3. The Valve

The metered valve is the piece that controls the dose so you don’t accidentally inhale yourself into next week. Our pre-loaded inhalers contain 250mg of quality THC distillate, and each puff is around 5mg, so you get approximately 50 hits from one device. If you’re tired of hitting a vape pen and hoping for the best, you’re going to love the controlled dosage of our THC infused inhaler.

4. The Mouthpiece

As you might expect, the mouthpiece is the piece where you put your mouth—brilliant! Simply place the mouthpiece above your tongue and between your teeth, and seal your lips around it. Breathe in slowly while pushing down on the top of the inhaler. You’ll be treated to a refreshing THC mist. Now hold that hit for 5-10 seconds, inhale, and enjoy an exceptionally clean buzz.

A Better Way to Dose

girl holding a discreet THC inhaler

What’s not to love? Our inhalers are portable, discreet, and effective, and they don’t require any maintenance. Using a THC infused inhaler is easier and more pleasant than traditional vaporizers, not to mention the fact that your lungs are going to thank you. They’re affordable, fast-acting, require no batteries, and they’re not going to explode on you. What could be better?

Find N-Fuzed THC Inhalers Now

Ready to try the best THC product on the market? Find a dispensary in your area now! Once you start inhaling, you may never want to smoke or vape again. If nothing else, it’s the most discreet tool in your kit. After all, you never know when you may want to catch an incognito buzz.

If you have any questions about how our inhalers work, what they’re filled with, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You may also find answers to your questions in our FAQ section. Be sure to try our potent and delicious THC gummies too—they actually taste like real candy! Pick up your own THC infused inhaler today, and see why they’re the future of the cannabis industry.