Innovative Cannabis Products For All

Simply put, that’s our mission: providing innovative cannabis products to all customers. From our sweet-and-sour THC and CBD gummies to our line of affordable cannabis inhalers, each packed with pure THC liquid for particulate delivery, we work to help enthusiasts and cannabis patients relax, unwind, and Njoy life.


Easy Measurements

Edibles and cannabis products can be something of a gamble, especially for new users. Even if an edible has clearly listed dosage levels, that doesn’t always tell you how potent the effects of it will be. We’ve worked to remedy the situation with precisely and consistently dosed edibles and affordable inhalers. Our products are measured out at reasonable doses but still strong enough for experienced users. We recommend our users slowly experiment to figure out their ideal sweet spot of pleasure from our products.


That New Sensation

While cannabis use is nearly as old human civilization, our methods of using it haven’t progressed at the same pace as other technology. Inhaling any kind of smoke may damage your respiratory system, and we wanted to provide an alternative that still provides that immediate, mellow feeling of smoking or vaping. Our cannabis infused affordable inhalers are packed with 250mg of pure THC, aerosolized into 5mg doses in each puff. Easy on the throat and lungs and more discreet than conventional smoking or vaping, it’s the cannabis of the future, in your pocket today.


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NFuzed gummies and inhalers are available at quality dispensaries around the US. Check our dispensary finder to find NFuzed products near you!

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