THC Infused Metered Dose Inhalers | How Do They Work?

man with a marijuana infused inhaler

Today, smoking is usually linked to a number of negative stigmas. Whether you’re trying to avoid carcinogens or cancer, smoking marijuana just doesn’t seem like the best method of consumption anymore. Many people think of marijuana as a medicinal herb, and smoking it definitely doesn’t mesh with that image. For those that are searching for an alternative, NFuzed has created a THC infused metered dose inhaler that’s easy to use and completely safe.

Since these devices are still new in the marijuana marketplace, it’s not commonplace for people to know much about them. If you’re turning to a distillate inhaler for a cleaner, safer, and more effective method of cannabis consumption, read on here to learn about the best ways to use and maintain your new device.

What is a THC Infused Metered Dose Inhaler?

Like a traditional inhaler, the distillate inhaler comes with a predetermined amount of “medicine” for you to use. The main difference here is that the marijuana inhaler also has an attached vaporizer to create aerosolized droplets through pressure. The amount of marijuana in each brand of inhaler may differ, as does the dosage of each puff. Our inhalers come with 250 mg of THC distillate, and each puff is measured out in 5 mg doses.

How do the Inhalers Actually Work?

a batch of THC distillate inhaler cartridges

Our THC infused metered dose inhalers have four major components: the canister where the THC distillate is held, a vaporizer that pressurizes the distillate, a metered valve that controls the dose, and the mouthpiece that allows you to aim and operate the device. When you press down on the top of the cannister, a single dose is released from within. It then passes through the vaporizer, where the distillate rapidly evaporates into aerosol particles that can be inhaled.

How to Use a THC Distillate Inhaler

It’s not super complicated to use our inhalers, but if you’ve never seen Hitch, The Goonies, or the new It movies, you might be looking for more detailed instructions. Follow the directions below to learn the best way to use the THC infused metered dose inhalers from NFuzed.

  1. Take off the cap
  2. Shake the inhaler while holding it upright for about five seconds
  3. Breath deeply and release your breath away from the inhaler
  4. Hold the inhaler vertically
  5. Place the mouthpiece between your teeth, above your tongue
  6. Seal your lips completely around the bottom of the inhaler
  7. Begin to breathe in very slowly
  8. Press down on the top of the inhaler while breathing in
  9. After you’ve taken in one complete dose, hold your breath for 5 – 10 seconds
  10. Slowly breathe out

With a THC inhaler, you can expect the effect to occur within five minutes of your first dose. If you’re not sure how much you need, start with one and wait a few minutes before taking another.

How to Care for Your Inhaler

a girl using a THC inhaler

Cleaning your THC infused metered dose inhaler is essential to ensuring it continues to work properly. After each use, wipe the interior of the mouthpiece with a cotton ball or q-tip soaked in isopropyl alcohol to prevent blockages. You should also clean the outside of the mouthpiece to avoid a buildup of dried saliva.

Benefits of Our THC Inhalers

The THC inhalers from NFuzed have tons of benefits you won’t get from smoking or enjoying edibles. Choose the inhaler as a delivery method because it’s:

  • Fast Acting: Expect results in under five minutes
  • Discreet: No smell of weed
  • Controlled Dosing: Each puff is 5 mg of THC every time
  • Healthier: No carcinogens
  • Safer: No risk of exploding batteries or coils catching on fire

If these benefits don’t convince you that an inhaler is the best way to enjoy your weed, we don’t think anything will!

Inhalers from NFuzed

THC infused gummy candy and inhaler

At NFuzed, we’ve spent years researching how to bring cannabis to a larger audience. We want everyone from your great granny to your great pyrenees to have access to the products they need. Whether you want to enjoy a puff to relax after a long day at work or you’re zoning out watching Adventure Time, our THC infused metered dose inhalers provide fast acting, medical grade marijuana. Find a place to buy yourself NFuzed products when you explore dispensaries near you here.