Put Down the Slow-Cooker: Why the Best THC Edibles Won't Come From Your Kitchen

Man in kitchen trying to make THC edibles

THC edibles aren’t new. From Neil Young’s famous honey slides to the brownie abominations happening every day in kitchens worldwide, cannabis enthusiasts love edibles. Unfortunately, when it comes to homemade edibles, the results rarely match the expectations.

There are plenty of reasons why professionally-made edibles are almost always superior, regardless of edible dosage. Read on to discover why buying edibles is a better move than trying to nail the DIY approach.

Professionals Use Quality Ingredients

Close-up of vibrant pink and green marijuana bud

Most weed vets have at least attempted a batch of homemade brownies (or other THC edibles). It’s a tale as old as time — your buddy picks up an ounce of mids and you decide to turn that brown brick into more brown bricks.

That’s mistake number one. Sure, edibles made from low-grade flower will make you feel like the universe is digesting you for a few millennia, especially if you add the whole brick to the batch. However, those types of accidental interdimensional blast-offs typically turn into lessons learned and not something to strive for!

The reason why dispensary edibles actually make you feel good and not like an anxious zombie is because they’re made with proper doses of quality bud. That means you’re going to feel amazing, but you’re not going to melt into a puddle of confusion after a tiny nibble. Of course, you can always take more THC edibles if you enjoy existential roller coasters, but it’s not a prerequisite.

The bottom line is that professionals use the kind of bud you show off, not the stuff that seemed like a great deal but then quickly turned into a giant bag of regret.

Edible Companies Perfect Their Methods

The classic homemade edibles are usually made with the same kitchen tools used to make late night munchies. Plus, they’re generally made by inexperienced chefs. You could make Gordon Ramsey’s famous Beef Wellington at home, but it’s probably not going to hold a candle to the real thing.

The edibles you buy at dispensaries are based on recipes and processes that have gone through countless trials and errors. If you ever meet someone who makes edibles professionally, just ask them about their testing methods and experiences. You’ll probably hear some funny stories.

The THC edibles you buy are the result of countless hours of dedication to a craft. And, yes, making edibles is a legitimate art form. It’s the same reason why the pizza you make at home doesn’t taste like your favorite delivery. Most casual pizza fans don’t have a pizza oven or their grandma’s recipe.

You Haven’t Found the Correct Dose

Your edible dosage makes a huge difference. Making edibles at home is a massive gamble. Sometimes you’ll get a brownie that does nothing (or kicks in way later at the worst possible time). Sometimes you’ll take a microscopic corner bite and forget your name. Believe it or not, more isn’t always better. If you’re lucky, you might find that sweet spot, but those eureka moments are few and far between.

On the other hand, the THC edibles you get at your local dispensary are consistent. You know exactly how much THC you’re getting and how it’s going to affect you. You may need to dip your toe in the first time you try a new brand, but once you’re familiar with the effects, it’s easy to hone in on the perfect dose and dive in.

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