Distillate Infused Inhalers

A Better Way to Inhale Cannabis. Inhale the perfect vibe discreetly with our fast-acting Metered Dose THC Inhaler.
Unlike smoking, our THC inhaler does not use combustion. And unlike vaporizers, it doesn’t use heated coils. Simple pressure turns THC liquid into aerosolized mist for you to safely inhale. Let those magic little droplets create your custom experience. Each breath is a consistent dose of pure THC distillate and has a super fast onset.

No smoke. No heat. No odor. No repacking. Just simple, innovative inhalation.

  • Pure THC distillate
  • 250mg per THC inhaler
  • Approximately 5mg per inhalation
  • Fast onset

N-Joy life. Brilliantly.

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Distillate Inhaler FAQs

What can I expect when using a cannabis distillate inhaler?
When you inhale a metered dose of aerosolized cannabis distillate, you will experience an almost immediate sense of calmness and well-being. Controlled dosing ensures that you can personalize your experience to avoid a euphoric episode and get just the right amount of THC.

This innovative delivery system supplies a smaller dose of cannabis compounds than is present in unrefined plant matter but absorbs into the bloodstream almost immediately to ensure swift, decisive results. You’ll enjoy the symptom relief you need to carry on with your day without risking a euphoric episode that could derail your plans.

Are distillate inhalers safe and clean?
Yes! Distillate inhalers are among the cleanest and most effective means of consuming cannabis products. Following usage, it’s best to clean the actuator to ensure consistent potency and optimal flavor with every puff.
Is dosing consistent with a distillate inhaler?
Each canister is designed to deliver 50 consistent puffs of cannabis distillate aerosol, each containing 5mg of THC. With regular use, customers will learn to execute controlled depression of the canister for a consistent release of an aerosol mist.
What is the flavor profile of inhaled cannabis distillate?
The cannabis plant produces compounds called terpenes responsible for its distinct flavor profile. Terpene-infused aerosol delivers the unique, potent cannabis flavor profile customers expect with every puff, without the odors that might alert others to usage.
Can I expect any odors when using a distillate inhaler?
No, this product is flame, heat, and odor-free. The beauty of the THC inhaler is that you can enjoy the complex cannabis flavor profile associated with terpene-infused aerosol mist, without having to worry about odors common to heated (vape) or combustible (smoke) products.

Using the THC Inhaler

  • Always keep the inhaler clean and the mouth cap on when not in use.
  • When you’re ready to use, take off the cap.
  • Hold upright and shake for 5 seconds. This helps all the liquids in the container mix before you inhale.
  • Hold the inhaler upright and bring it to your mouth.
  • Place the inhaler between your teeth and above your tongue. Seal your lips around it without biting.
  • Start to breathe in slowly. No bong rips here.
  • Press down on the inhaler canister once while continuing to breathe in. Finish your normal breath.
  • Take the inhaler out of your mouth. Hold your breath for a few seconds.
  • Breathe out.
  • Put the cap back on the inhaler

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