Is the THC Inhaler the Future of Cannabis Use?

As marijuana becomes legalized in more states, recreational and medicinal users alike are faced with a growing number of available options for methods of THC consumption. While traditional smoking methods–with a glass piece or rolled joint–may be the most prevalent, new methods of ingesting THC continue to grow in popularity.

small glass pipe with marijuana

Since breathing in smoke of any kind may cause damage to your lungs, many users now opt for ways of taking THC other than smoking, including edibles, vapor, and the THC inhaler.  It has the potential to fill a variety of gaps in the recreational and medicinal cannabis markets, because the THC inhaler allows non-smokers to enjoy the same manageable and easily regulated effects as smoking, without the associated risks. Though it functions similarly to a vaporizer, inhalers offer several important advantages. Using an inhaler is far more discreet than vaping or smoking. Additionally, swapping to an inhaler over a vaporizer may help users avoid the potential risks of vaping as well.

Like an asthma inhaler, a THC inhaler only requires a cartridge to work. This means no cleaning is necessary, and refilling is as easy as replacing the cartridge. In short, inhalers potentially offer a cleaner, safer, and more controlled method of cannabis use.

Inhaler packageRegular Dosage

Unlike conventional smoking or vaping, inhalers also offer customers a unique benefit: a regulated dose of THC. An inhaler delivers the exact same amount of particulate every time the plunger is pressed. In the case of a THC inhaler, this might allow a user to monitor their intake in a way that’s nearly impossible with traditional flower or concentrates.

Especially for those looking to use cannabis to help with their mood, regulated doses can support maintaining an even keel. Most inhalers will state how much THC is in each hit. Our Cannabis Infused Inhaler delivers a consistent, measured 5mg THC dose with every puff, allowing customers to evenly regulate themselves.

Breathe Easier

Not only is a THC inhaler gentler on the lungs, it’s far more discreet than conventional smoking. And with discreet labeling and packaging, you and your inhaler can go completely incognito. The inhaler’s lack of odor or visible evidence, like smoke or vapor, also means that you can take a puff without having to worry about bothering those around you.

Teaching An Old Community New Tricks?

While inhalers aren’t nearly as popular as regular flower or concentrates for taking THC, their unique benefits should not be overlooked. Many customers interested in protecting their respiratory health might find the THC inhaler a great fit. Similarly, those enthusiasts interested in a more discreet and controlled method of enjoyment have a new and different option at their disposal. However you choose to enjoy your cannabis, we hope everyone can get excited about what the future holds for safer, more breathable, more sustainable cannabis use. To learn more about N-Fuzed Cannabis Infused Inhalers and other products, check out our website and find our products in a dispensary near you!