Is the Marijuana High From a Cannabis Inhaler Different From Smoking or Eating It?

Close-up photo of a marijuana plant

There’s no single, defined experience when it comes to a marijuana high. How you feel after smoking, eating, or inhaling THC depends on a number of factors such as your tolerance and body chemistry as well as the potency and dosage of your THC product. Read on to discover the differences between edibles vs smoking and how these experiences compare to THC-infused inhalers.

The Dose Makes All the Difference

First and foremost, how you feel is going to depend on how much you take. As a general rule of thumb, edibles have the potential to get you significantly higher than other methods. In fact, if you eat too much, you may experience hallucinations and psychedelic effects that can be overwhelming and difficult to manage if you’re not properly prepared.

However, with the proper dosing, the marijuana high associated with THC edibles can be quite relaxing and pleasant. You just need to start with a small dose and work your way up, especially if it’s your first time. Eventually, you’ll start to get a feel for how much to take. Edibles take longer to kick in—usually between 30 and 90 minutes—so don’t re-dose until you’re positive you’re feeling it!

Smoking Is Subtler

If you dosed the exact same amount of THC in both edible and smoke form, the edibles will almost always hit you harder. The marijuana high from smoking tends to be a bit more heady, while edibles often make your whole body feel stoned. The high from edibles also tends to last much longer than the high from smoking. While this lends itself to an edible high that is a more cohesive, continuous experience, you’ll have more control over your high if you’re smoking.

Inhalers Are More Versatile

Now that you have a better understanding of edibles vs smoking, you may be wondering how inhalers factor in. The beauty of inhalers is that they’re so versatile. Since every puff offers a consistent, metered dose, you have total control over your experience. If you want a calm, mild buzz, just take a hit or two. If you want to blast off into another dimension, just hit it a few more times.

Inhalers won’t typically get you as high as edibles because the THC molecules aren’t cooked and processed in the same way. The marijuana high you get with inhalers is more similar to smoking. However, because inhalers don’t require heat, the high hits instantaneously. That means you don’t have to wait around for an hour waiting to feel the effects before you re-dose. Inhalers also deliver a clean, pure high because you’re not burning any bud or oil.

Njoy the Best of Both Worlds

To sum it up, edibles have the potential to be much more powerful than smoking. Smoking won’t get you as high as edibles, even at higher doses, but the experience is easier to control. Inhalers can give you a classic marijuana high, only cleaner and faster. And, if you want to ramp up your buzz, you can just take a few more puffs.

Inhalers are the most versatile and easiest way to dose THC. Whether you’re just looking to unwind after work or explore outer space for a little while, a THC inhaler will get you where you want to be. Want to experience the power of an inhaler? Find a dispensary near you now or contact us if you have any questions. Experience a better marijuana high with an N-Fuzed THC inhaler!