How to Dose Edibles: A Guide for First-Timers

How to dose edibles man holding gummies.

So you’ve decided to try cannabis-infused edibles for the first time. Congratulations — you’re in for a world of fun! Before you go ahead and eat a whole gummy (or a whole packet), learn how to dose edibles with this clear and straightforward rookie guide.

1. Buy Your Edibles — Don’t Make Them

When first learning how to dose edibles, we strongly recommend that you don’t try to make them at home. Not only is it much harder to control the quality of your THC when you’re working with dried flower material, but it’s also virtually impossible to know how much THC will hit you with every bite.

Commercial edibles may be a little more pricey than homemade brownies or a mean green smoothie, but industrial equipment and quality controls mean you at least know how much THC is in the gummies for an easier time deciding how to dose these edibles.

2. Set the Mood

friends playing games and eating thc gummies

A psychoactive chemical, THC affects your perception, motor skills, and ability to think clearly. Before popping a gummy in your mouth to “see what it does,” prepare yourself a nest where you can safely relax and enjoy the experience. Thinking of driving or working as usual? Think again. THC is best enjoyed during an afternoon of movies and board games and shouldn’t be mixed with activities that require you to think or move quickly.

3. Eat Your Gummies for Dessert

With your crash-pad prepared and sweet treats in hand, how do you dose edibles to enjoy your maiden voyage? While the science isn’t clear, a collection of studies on Prof of Pot shows that THC is absorbed better (albeit slower) and causes less paranoia when taken after a high-fat meal as opposed to taking your edibles on an empty stomach. For your first time trying our sour THC gummies, start with a solid meal and have your sweets for dessert. You might also want to have some snacks on hand because this cheeky cannabinoid can make you hungry!

4. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

two friends eating thc gummies

In the well-known fable of the tortoise and the hare, we learn that hurry and haste aren’t always the way to get what you want. Knowing how much THC is in gummies, taking it slow is the only way to go. After your gummy gets chewed and swallowed, it has to reach the small intestine before you’ll start to “feel it.”

Knowing how long it takes a meal to go from top to tail, it shouldn’t surprise you that the effects of THC-infused edibles begin at least an hour after ingestion and can take up to four hours to reach their peak. Want to know how to dose edibles for faster results? DON’T EAT A SECOND HELPING! You’ll still have to wait the same length of time but now your peak will come with a free bonus of heart racing, confusion, and dry, bloodshot eyes. If you’re in a hurry for some THC goodness, get straight to the point with our THC inhaler.

5. Think about Alice When Deciding How Much THC to Ingest in Gummies

After much ado, we’ve finally made it to the crux of the matter: how to dose edibles for a great first time. At NFuzed, we’ve prepared our gummies with a 10mg serving of THC distillate in every square. One square = one dose — if you’re already used to THC. However, without a developed tolerance to cannabis, flower rookies are best starting out with a quarter of a gummy (or 2.5mg of THC) and increasing quarter-by-quarter until you find your sweet spot.

This little game of Alice in Wonderland (how much do you want to grow/shrink?) is not one that you can master in a day. Take it easy when learning how to dose edibles and up the dose tomorrow or the next day. You’ll soon be relishing in the most delicious escape you’ve ever felt!

Ready to begin the ride of your life? Find a dispensary near you that stocks NFuzed products and enjoy the best lab-tested gummies on the market.