Holiday Weed Etiquette 101 (Why Being Discreet Is Important)

Melting snowman with Santa hat sitting on a bench

Every cannabis enthusiast should live by common sense weed etiquette rules. After all, the actions of individuals reflect on the community as a whole. Simple weed smoking etiquette guidelines like not lighting up in restaurants or ripping a bong in the office bathroom are obvious, but what about when you’re visiting the fam for the holidays?

Of course, some households fully embrace the jolliest of plants, in which case, you do your thing (just don’t hog all the figgy pudding). These tips are for the unfortunate souls whose families aren’t quite down with the dank. That said, it never hurts to brush up on your weed etiquette.

1. Better Safe Than Sorry

If you’re trying to determine the easiest course of action, usually a don’t ask, don’t tell policy works for everyone. Unless your folks are staunchly pro-prohibition, marijuana has become normalized enough that they’re probably not going to kick you out of the house if they catch you giggling a little too much during Home Alone (but don’t blame us if they do).

Even though you’re an adult, some family members may have strong opinions about cannabis use. If you’re not positive that cannabis is cool, it’s best to be low key about it. If you dip out for a quick hit, let’s be real — they’re going to smell it on you, and that’s a weed etiquette no-no. Stick with NFuzed gummies and THC inhalers for the ultimate in odorless incognito buzz catching.

2. Sharing Isn’t Always Caring

Good things are meant to be shared, right? Well, not always. When you have some especially delightful THC goodies, your first instinct might be to spread the love. If you’re hanging with other stoners, you’d probably be right. However, when you’re with the family for a once-a-year occasion, you don’t want to accidentally ruin the party by getting inexperienced family members too ripped.

Now, there’s a fine line between sharing a beautiful experience with the people you love most and accidentally turning your cousin’s brain into paint thinner. A huge part of weed etiquette is recognizing your own tolerance and being sensitive to your bud buddies’ experience level too. Just because you can start your day with a pack of gummies doesn’t mean poor Tiny Tim can.

3. Follow the Law

Living room with Christmas decorations and gifts

Even families that do look kindly upon nature’s best work may be put off by your nug jar if they live in a prohibition state. When it comes to weed smoking etiquette, few rules are as important as “don’t get anyone arrested.” Even if you’re a weed rebel every other day of the year, you’re in someone else’s house now, so their rules apply.

Step three can be a serious bummer. Who wants to feast and fellowship without a stellar buzz to take the holly jollies to the next level? The simple truth is that sometimes weed etiquette means making sacrifices. If you’re traveling to an illegal state, be smart about it. No amount of weed is worth spending the holidays in jail.

Shop Discreet Cannabis Products for the Holidays

If you plan on making this year extra merry, pick up some gummies and inhalers. They’re undetectable so you don’t have to worry about explaining why your jacket smells like an Elton John concert. NFuzed products also make heartwarming gifts for that special weedhead you share genes with. Find a dispensary near you now, and may you and yours have an even more blessed holiday with these weed etiquette tips.