Frequently Asked Questions

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Welcome to our Edibles and Inhalers FAQs. Here you can learn more about NFuzed and our line of edibles and inhalers. We’re always eager to talk with our customers, and we welcome you to get in touch with us here.

If you’re looking for some answers right away, here are some questions we get often. If you don’t see your question below, you’re out of luck. Just kidding. You can contact us with any questions you have.

Hey! What’s THC Distillate, anyway?

THC Distillate is a cannabis extract that is made from cannabis oil using one of several different distillation extraction methods: CO2, BHO, and Ethanol. Depending on the time and method used, the distillate will be more or less pure. With THC Distillate, pure refers to the amount of THC compared to total volume with undesirable compounds from the original plant. The undesirable compounds can impact the taste and effectiveness of the dose which is why we only use high purity distillate to ensure consistent taste and effect.

Do you have samples for medical patients?

We wish we could toss samples at you like candy, but at this point in time, we are only licensed for Adult Use in California and Recreational Use in Colorado. However, we are always looking for ways to expand in other states. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see where we are going next.

NFuzed sounds like a cool place to work. You hiring?

We think we’re pretty cool, too. We are constantly looking for dedicated cannabis professionals to fill our growing operations. Please check out our Indeed page or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date on current positions.

I want to throw money at you. How much do your products cost?

We sell wholesale directly to licensed dispensaries. The retail price is completely dependent on the dispensary management. However, we believe consumers should have access to consistent, quality products at an affordable price, and we do everything in our power to ensure we are the lowest priced products on the shelves.

I know you sell THC products. What about CBD products?

NFuzed now sells a 1:1 THC/CBD gummy in CO and CA, and has a 50:1 CBD/THC gummy line in Colorado!

I like the cut of your jib. Where can I buy your products?

NFuzed is available at participating dispensaries. For legal reasons, we do not sell our products online. Our products are available in quality dispensaries, and we’re growing our network all the time, so keep an eye out at your local provider. You can also find the nearest participating dispensary using our handy little dispensary search. If you don’t see your favorite dispensary on your list, let them know you want to see NFuzed on their shelves!

Can I buy NFuzed online?

For legal reasons, we do not offer our products online. We encourage interested customers to use our dispensary finder and try our gummies and inhalers through licensed and legal providers. We are also on Leafly and iHeartJane. Yep, we can be in three places at once… Wait ’til you see the other places we are, too!

How strong are your edibles?

Each gummy provides a 10mg dose of pure THC, and our inhalers offer a precisely measured 5mg dose with each puff. We have 1:1 (5mg THC and 5mg CBD) gummies available now in both states, and the 50:1 CBD/THC in Colorado. Only personal experience can tell you how those doses will affect you, so we encourage first-timers to take it slow.

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