Discreet Marijuana Inhalers 101

girl holding a discreet THC inhaler

As it is one of the newer cannabis products on the market, many marijuana users are unfamiliar with what a THC inhaler is. A THC inhaler is a cleaner, safer, and more discreet option for people who use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. As marijuana is being legalized across the United States, the options for consumption are expanding as well. While older methods, such as smoking joints, are being phased out, the discreet marijuana inhaler is on its way in. Learn more about marijuana inhalers from NFuzed, and stay up to date on the best way to enjoy your cannabis.

No Heat, No Burn

No heat, no burn

One of the greatest things about using a discreet marijuana inhaler is that you’re not putting your lungs at risk of exposure to carcinogens or foreign contaminants when you use it. The liquid extract in our inhalers is free of any hazardous materials and achieves its gaseous state through pressure. There’s no need for coils, batteries, or lighters with our inhalers.

Smoking a joint or a blunt burns up the dry flower and can have long term effects on your respiratory system. With a THC inhaler, you don’t have to worry about any of that. It offers an aerosolized version of our liquid extracts through a pressurized canister instead of burning herbs.

No Dank Smell

marijuana smoke

The whole point of our inhalers is that they’re very inconspicuous. You don’t need additional paraphernalia to use them, they don’t look like a pipe, bowl, or vape pen, and best of all, there is absolutely no scent when you use them. Since our discreet marijuana inhaler looks exactly like a prescription inhaler, no one will be suspicious when you whip it out for a quick puff. There is no smoke or vapor that’s released from the device or from your breath. Breathe easy when you use our inhaler at family gatherings, work parties, and public places!

More THC for Your Buck

Smoking your marijuana from a dry flower is an incredibly inefficient way to introduce THC into your system. With dry herb, you’re only getting about 5-25% of the THC that you could be getting. Because of the advances being made in extracting THC and CBD from the plant to make concentrates, choosing a discreet THC inhaler as your delivery system ensures that every puff brings the maximum amount of THC.

Pre-Measured Doses

consistent measured doses

One of the main concerns many people who use marijuana medicinally have is dosing. With dry herb or vape pens, the amount of THC and CBD you’re ingesting is rarely consistent. It depends on the strain you’re using, the strength of your pull, and other factors. With a marijuana inhaler, one of the most important internal components is a metered valve that automatically controls how much pressurized THC content is released. In the NFuzed inhalers, the total amount each canister contains is 250 mg which is released in 5 mg doses. You get the exact same quantity every time you take a puff.

With our discreet marijuana inhalers, you have total control over your experience.


Since inhaled marijuana enters your lungs, it isn’t metabolized by your liver, so it isn’t affected by your digestive system, what you ate that day, or how much you weigh. With many edibles, the response time is dictated by so many factors that it’s rare to have the exact same experience every time. Due to the way your body absorbs inhalants, consistency is one thing you can expect from this method. From the reaction time to the length of your high, stability is the key.

Quick Response Time

man holding a stopwatch

It’s a well established fact that inhalation is the quickest way to absorb marijuana and experience its effects. With an inhaler, vape, or joint, the THC enters your lungs and is dispersed throughout your bloodstream in minutes. Most inhalation methods see results in as little as five minutes. You can expect the same quick response every time you take a puff from a discreet NFuzed THC inhaler.

Where Can You Find an Inhaler?

What is a THC inhaler? It’s the best new way to enjoy your cannabis! At NFuzed, we currently provide inventory to dispensaries exclusively in California and Colorado. If you live in these states, explore our map to find the dispensary nearest you that distributes our inhalers and gummies.