Cannabis Industry News: 5 Big Changes in 2019

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Cannabis industry news moves fast. With so much happening, it’s not always easy to keep up. From rising vaping health concerns to the introduction of innovative new products, 2019 has brought some significant changes to the cannabis arena. Of course, the rise of recreational cannabis (especially in California and Colorado) goes without saying, so we focus on the major changes you might have overlooked.

Whether you’re a casual consumer or a dispensary owner, these are five of the biggest industry changes you should know about.

1. Flower Is Taking a Back Seat

Marijuana will never go out of style — that’s a given. That said, plenty of cannabis enthusiasts are shelving their pipes in favor of more cutting-edge methods of dosing that sweet, sweet THC. If you follow cannabis industry news, you’ve probably noticed that THC edibles are more popular than ever, and it makes perfect sense. The cannabis community has grown significantly since legalization, but some new users are still hesitant to take their medicine via bong rip.

Besides the edibles boom, many cannabis consumers — newbies and veterans alike — are falling in love with THC inhalers. It’s no surprise, considering inhalers are discreet, portable, and battery-free. Many former vapers have been thrilled to find a better alternative, especially in the wake of the recent vape crisis. On that note…

2. The Vape Crisis

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What started as a major controversy within the vaping/e-cigarette community quickly turned into cannabis industry news. For a while, there were countless medical issues making headlines, and they all had one thing in common: vaping. However, it quickly became apparent that the vitamin E acetate found in black market cannabis distillate cartridges were to blame.

The vape crisis permanently damaged the cannabis vaping industry, especially because there were cases of “legitimate” licensed companies making black market cartridges on the side. While there’s no doubt that plenty of vape companies operated 100% according to the rules, the bad apples seem to have spoiled the bunch.

Beyond hurting public perception of THC cartridges, the FDA has started cracking down on both nicotine and THC vape products. There’s little doubt that health concerns involving vaping will continue to make major cannabis industry news in 2020.

3. CBD Takes Off

Although recreational marijuana continues to make headlines, THC’s younger sibling made waves in cannabis industry news as well. The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp legal at the federal level, opening the floodgates for a barrage of companies to break into the market. Studies estimate that CBD sales will pass $20 billion by 2024. However, those numbers could change, especially as vaping health concerns continue to grow.

The CBD industry is unique because while many marijuana consumers also enjoy CBD, cannabidiol also has its own niche market. Plenty of CBD enthusiasts don’t indulge in THC at all. CBD is frequently used for medicinal purposes, as it doesn’t deliver psychoactive effects like THC. This quality has given it more mainstream accessibility and application that has contributed to the CBD industry’s rapid growth this year.

4. Cannabis Brands Move Towards the Mainstream

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The marijuana stigma still holds cannabis back as a mainstream commodity, as opposed to a product like alcohol that’s celebrated widely. However, the days of marijuana being viewed as a back alley buzz are long gone.

Many public figures openly admit to toking, and you can even find marijuana advertisements in public outlets. Ever taken a drive through certain areas in California? The roads are lined with cannabis billboards.

Additionally, many politicians have taken a firm stance on marijuana legalization. Some even go so far as to state that prisoners who have been convicted for certain marijuana offenses should be released. The simple fact that cannabis industry news has become a household talking point is huge.

5. Cannabis Events Are a Thing Now

Although legal states still ban public smoking, specially permitted cannabis events have become incredibly popular. While the High Times Cannabis Cup is the most famous marijuana event, there are many smaller-but-similar events happening constantly. Additionally, a new breed of weed tourism has emerged as hotels, limousines, and other hospitality industries embrace cannabis-themed events and experiences.

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