6 Things You Need to Know About Using a Cannabis Infused Inhaler

cannabis infused inhalers from N-Fuzed

It is well known that the most efficient method to consume marijuana is through inhalation. Until the advent of edibles, smoking a joint was the most popular consumption method since it didn’t require any extra tools or machines. Now that vaporizers and other instruments are easily bought at your local dispensary, there are so many ways to inhale that it can be hard to make a decision. At NFuzed, we’re offering dispensaries yet another inhalation method for their inventory — the cannabis infused inhaler.

Whether you’re a dispensary or a consumer, here are the most important things you need to know about marijuana inhalers.

1. What is a Marijuana Inhaler?

discreet cannabis infused inhaler

Most people already know about traditional inhalers used by those with asthma and other respiratory issues. A marijuana inhaler is very similar, but it has one additional element. All cannabis inhalers have a vaporizer attached so that customers can fill it with their perfect dose of extract.

At NFuzed, our cannabis infused inhalers already come with a preloaded amount, making it easier to discreetly inhale the THC distillate. With 250 mg per inhaler that releases about 5 mg per dose, you can enjoy about 50 puffs per inhaler.

2. Inhalers Are NOT Vapes

One of the biggest questions we get asked is whether an inhaler is the same as a vape. These two devices are completely different. Not only does the inhaler provide a premeasured dose of THC, but it also uses pressure as opposed to heat as the delivery method.

3. No Heat


When people ask what a marijuana inhaler is, they’re really asking how it’s different from vaping. The biggest difference is the use of heat to create the THC mist. With a vape, the concentrate is heated through coils and combustion to create vapor that you can inhale. In a cannabis infused inhaler, the THC liquid is turned into aerosolized droplets through pressure. You don’t have to pull on the tip of an inhaler to activate the process — it’s simply used like an asthma inhaler for easier, more controlled dosing.

Another difference the inhaler offers is the lack of toxins that are created when you smoke dried marijuana. While this isn’t a risk with most vaped extracts, those who still smoke blunts, pipes, or bowls, are dealing with the carcinogens created by the burning buds.

4. Dosage

marijuana bud on grey scale

With other inhalation methods, the quality of your concentrate and the strength of your pull dictates how much THC you’re taking in. With a cannabis infused inhaler from NFuzed, every breath provides a pre-measured dose. Our specific inhalers come in 250 mg amounts so that every puff is about 5 mg. Since you know how much you’re inhaling with each use, you can better control the consistency and high you want to receive.

5. Consistency

For some people, consistency is key. Whether you use marijuana for pain relief or you’re just here to get high, you want to be able to control exactly how you feel. Once you test out how the first controlled dose affects you, you have the power to recreate that exact same feeling over and over again. No need to estimate the dosage or response time!

6. Response Time

Response time

Everyone knows that inhalation generally has a quicker response time than oral delivery. While edibles may take anywhere from one to two hours to affect your system, someone using a cannabis infused inhaler will generally feel its effects in under five minutes. Since the dosage and active ingredients are automatically controlled by the inhaler, your response time will also be consistent. With near immediate activation, you’re always prepared for any situation. From avoiding the arguments during family holidays to zoning out at an after work cocktail hour, the power is in your hands.

Better Results from NFuzed

The NFuzed team has put a lot of effort and research into the creation of our cannabis infused inhalers. From the specific strain we use to the THC content in each device, we’ve developed the ultimate tool for anyone who uses marijuana. If you’re curious about our methodology, check out our About Us to learn more! Ready to find a place to buy your own inhaler? Visit our locations page to find which dispensaries near you carry our products.