5 New and Innovative Ways to Consume Cannabis Distillates

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Since marijuana consumption is now legal (either medically or recreationally) in over 30 states in the USA, it’s no surprise that creative companies everywhere are starting to research more unique and innovative ways to consume cannabis. Whether you’re just starting your search for medical marijuana or you’re a longtime recreational user looking for a new way to have fun, NFuzed has a list of some of the most original ways to consume cannabis distillates.

1. Inhaler

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While smoking has long been the most common and most popular way to inhale cannabis, there’s a new competitor on the market. A THC infused inhaler gives you the same quick effects of smoking weed with a ton of new benefits. Inhalers allow you to consume cannabis distillates with none of the negative effects that are associated with smoking. There’s no heat or burning, so no carcinogens or foreign particles enter your body or affect your lungs.

With an inhaler, you also get to enjoy a more discreet high that has no dank smell when you use it. Doses are pre-measured for the same THC amount in each puff, and they’re safer — with no batteries or coils to catch fire or explode.

2. Dabbing

Still a bit of a controversial way to consume your cannabis distillates, dabbing has been gaining momentum and popularity over the last few years. Due to the flash vaporization that occurs when heating the cannabis concentrate with a blow torch, you get a much more potent high that can last much longer than traditional smoking methods. Like an inhaler, dabbing also has the added benefit of using clean concentrates instead of burning the dry herb.

Most of the negative association with dabbing comes from the intense high this method provides.

3. Capsules

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When you choose capsules as your primary method of consumption, you get cannabis distillate that’s suspended in an oil and packed into a digestible container. It’s easier to take for people who have problems chewing or inhaling, and it delivers a controlled dose every time. Unfortunately, a number of factors can affect your digestive system, so your reaction time and high may be different with every dose.

With capsules, you get a predictable amount of THC in your system, and you don’t have to deal with any paraphernalia or accessories. Capsules and pills can also be combined with vitamins and minerals, so your daily dose of B12 or vitamin C comes with a happy little side effect.

4. Bath Bombs

Soaking in a hot bath is already a great way to relax, but now, you can take it to the next level with the addition of THC or CBD to your bath salts, bombs, and soaps. Most of the time, these therapeutic accessories are meant to provide relief to your tired, aching muscles. The cannabis distillate is applied topically instead of internally here. Topical methods of consumption rarely stimulate the brain with any of the psychoactive elements found in other cannabis utilization methods.

5. Drinks

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Cannabis infused edibles have been around for quite a while. From brownies and cookies to gum and candy, nearly any traditional recipe can be infused with THC and CBD. Drinks are a newer invention that offer a unique delivery system. Tea, coffee, soda, and even alcoholic beverages are now being enhanced with marijuana.

As with regular cannabis infused edibles, drinks are metabolized by the liver (instead of entering your bloodstream) and have similar effects as eating your weed. Drinks can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to fully take effect, and they can last 6 hours or more depending on the dosage and your digestive system.

Which Method is Best?

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Everyone has a different goal when it comes to consuming cannabis. Medicinal or recreational, pain relief or sleep aid, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy your cannabis distillate and achieve the results you want. As a company who has done extensive research into marijuana consumption, you can learn more about what N-Fuzed has to offer when you visit our About and FAQ pages.

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