10 Things You Need To Know about Eating Cannabis Infused Gummies

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With the stigma and laws against recreational cannabis use quickly receding, many enthusiasts are finding themselves with a wealth of new options. From flower and concentrates to a whole universe of edible options, dispensary patients and recreational users have a wide range of products to choose from in the new market. With cannabis gummies and other edibles, it’s important to do your research to ensure you don’t have an adverse or overwhelming reaction.

In the interest of a fun and safe experience, here’s 10 things you need to know about eating cannabis gummies. 1. Mind Your Dose N-Fuzed’s cannabis gummies each contain 10mg of pure THC. While that might seem like a small number, the potency of THC is far greater when ingested than when inhaled. As such, even a small dose of ingested THC (such as a gummy) can have a powerful effect, even on experienced users. We recommend customers trying new cannabis infused edibles with a bit of patience and prudence. Additionally, while many companies are proud to display their high THC levels in their marketing, not all edibles of the same dosage will have the same effect on you. Your own body’s chemistry, as well as the make-up of the edibles you are using, all have a part to play in how you experience the effects.

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2. Be Patient

While ingested THC is more potent, it does not affect the human body as immediately as inhaled THC. As such, it’s important to be patient when you ingest an edible. It can take more than an hour for an edible to take effect, and once it does, the effect can be both profound and long-lasting. Many people, while waiting for their first dose to take effect, take another edible in an attempt to speed along the process. This doesn’t actually work, of course, and many users who try this find themselves “feeling it” far more than they wanted.

3. Play It Safe

While this should go without saying, we absolutely discourage you from attempting to operate a vehicle or other heavy machinery while enjoying our cannabis gummies or any edibles. Operation of any such machinery while under the effects of cannabis is rightly illegal, as the dangers involved in such activities are compounded by the effects of THC. Aside from being a generally more potent method of taking THC, cannabis infused edibles produce a “body high” that can have substantial effects on your motor skills, perception, and general quick-thinking. Like any controlled substance, the effects of cannabis on one’s state of mind cannot be denied. We urge our customers to be safe when they enjoy edibles, to be mindful of their surroundings, and to make sure that they’re in a comfortable and safe environment before they take our cannabis gummies.

4. Check The Ingredients

Food allergies apply just as much to cannabis infused edibles as they do to any other food, so it’s important to check the ingredients of your edibles before you take them. Edibles purchased at a licensed dispensary will have their ingredients clearly listed as well as the dosage of THC in each piece. For vegetarians and vegans (and folks with other diet restrictions), checking your cannabis gummies’ ingredients can be doubly important. Many gelatins are made with animal products, and this will usually be clear on the packaging.

5. Bring Snacks

Whether you’ll be relaxing at home or over at a friends’ house, we recommend having snacks and drinks readily available. Cannabis has been widely known to affect appetite, and the more physically profound effects of cannabis infused edibles mean that sensations of hunger can be equally potent. With this in mind, pick up a few of your favorite snacks and comfort foods, and maybe think about ordering dinner out rather than turning on the oven. Depending on how deeply you’re affected by our cannabis gummies, you’ll want to remove as many complications from your time as possible to better allow you to enjoy the experience.

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6. Activities!

The stereotype of couch-locked stoners, oblivious to the outside world and the opportunity to enjoy it, is largely unearned. Many patients have begun using marijuana to treat depression and anxiety, and with the wealth of festivals, conventions, and meetups centered around recreational cannabis use, it’s safe to say cannabis enthusiasts are an active bunch. If you’re enjoying our cannabis gummies with friends, we recommend board games, playing your favorite music, and anything else that can be safely enjoyed at home. A musical instrument or favorite book can be great fun as well.

7. Get Some Screen-Time

If this is your first time enjoying edibles, it can sometimes be fun to think ahead about what you’ll want to do. Pick out some favorite movies and TV. After one of our little gummies, you may find that your favorite scenes have a new flavor or that a show you never cared for suddenly catches your eye. Maybe you’ll just get to enjoy an old favorite without the stress of your regular day-to-day.

8. Handle Business Ahead of Time

Edibles last for an extended period of time. If you know you have that conference in the afternoon, we’d recommend saving your cannabis gummies for after work is done. Clearing your to-do list before taking an edible also helps ensure a relaxed and enjoyable time.

9. Mix With Care

Be careful what you put in your body while you’re taking edibles. We recommend taking it easy on alcohol while enjoying cannabis infused edibles. Edibles affect the body through the same digestive systems as alcohol, and many people who mix them recklessly can find themselves feeling some discomfort. Proceed with caution, and pay attention to the signals from your body.


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10. Have Fun!

After all, we’re talking about recreational cannabis gummies! There’s plenty of folks out there who thought we’d never live to see a time like this, and with the repeal of restrictions in several states, there’s simply never been a better time to try cannabis products. With a bit of preparation and an eye for safety, there’s nothing stopping you from having a fun, relaxing, and completely stress-free experience with our cannabis gummies. Where can you find N-Fuzed gummies? In a dispensary near you!